Hi there,

With more than two decades in the IT sector, I have built and led large teams to manage critical transformations for leading banking and financial institutions. There is a good chance that you are already using one of those banking services that I helped build. I have worked in the entire spectrum of IT Software Management covering software development, project management, program management, portfolio management, product development and implementation and customer support.

Currently, I consult and review the systems and processes to ensure the effectiveness for banking and financial institutions. My passion for leading and coaching people doesn’t stop with my IT career, it extends to the other facets of my life too. I am a finance and life coach, and a professional counsellor. 

Let me walk with you on your journey to financial freedom:

Did you know 76% of the Indian adult population lack the basic understanding of financial concepts? I understand that not everyone has the privilege and chance to be financially literate. It took me a decade of learning to reach where I am when it comes to investment and personal finance, despite my experience.

But I do not want YOU to spend a decade learning what I know now about personal finance. That’s why I launched my 3 months course “Foundation for Financial Freedom (4F)”, to help you begin your investment journey as soon as possible.

Need a support system to become a better version of yourself?

As a life coach and a counsellor, I can help you live a better life and face the challenges and fears in your life and career with simple tools and techniques. I focus on holistic (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and energetic) well being. On my quest to finding alternative ways of educating myself, I explored various modalities and life skills to enrich my life. 

My other interests include: Mathematics, Travel, Trekking and Spirituality. I believe that Mathematics has numerous real life applications and can be used as therapy. More on that soon.

Want to have a quick chat about these topics? Feel free to drop a message, I would love to connect.