Binary Logic, Jaina Logic and The Logic of Life

The traditional binary logic with binary values like 1 and 0, on and off, black and white, good and bad is been of great use in all walks of life particularly in mathematics and computer science. Most of us know in life that it is not always black and white; it is more like a grey in between black and white. Sometimes it may move and stop at black or white or at grey in between. What looks like black from my point of view can be white or grey from somebody else’s point of view. If we have sufficient respect for self and others and have enough patience we can see the multiple viewpoints and probably all could agree on a particular point of view either black, white or some shade of grey. While grey continuous and varies across the 2 spectrum of black and white we could also highlight some specific grey points for better understanding and measure within grey spectrum.


When I came across the Jain logic which defines 7 values logic contrary to the traditional binary logic of 2 values. I was blown out and amazed at the ingenuity of the Jaina Logic. I fell in love with that logic. The seven values of Jaina logic are yes, no, maybe, yes  & maybe, no & maybe, yes & no &maybe. What a logic? I see that this is more realistic in life. There are situations in life when we need to stay put with multiple points of view more specifically yes or no or may be or anything in between as mentioned in Jaina logic. As we all know life is not certain, it  is full of uncertainty. These 7 values of Jaina logic can also highlight a certain probability from 0 to 1 as below.


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