Complex Numbers and Complex Analysis

Complex numbers are like the complex life we live. Complex numbers are the combination of real and imaginary numbers. Imaginary numbers are multiple of square root of -1 which is denoted as i. The complex numbers are of the form a+bi, where a and b are any real numbers and i is the imaginary number which is square root of -1. Which number would you multiply by itself to get -1?. No real number can do it. Hence the imaginary number i which is the square root of -1. 

Life is also like a complex numbers combination of reality and imagination. When reality and imagination combined appropriately, a bright future is envisaged and complex problems of life are resolved like the complex numbers that make it easy to solve some of the difficult problems in the real number field. 

Even though we dream while asleep which is an imagination, the feelings one gets during a dream is real. Hence imagination has a real effect in real life. Similarly the imaginary and complex numbers are very useful for real life. Complex numbers are very useful in computer graphics, signal processing, control theory, physics, orbital mechanics, quantum computing and many more. When two complex numbers are multiplied the result is the stretching and shifting (rotation). Similarly in life when we combine reality with imagination we stretch and shift ourselves to the new realities.

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