Trekking Yoga

Yoga is a long, tedious and arduous journey. It is refreshing, rejuvenating and rejoicing. Removing stress and adding effort results in Yoga. One has to be courageous, strong and interested in travelling the path of yoga. There are great trekking guidelines to yoga like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. What is missing in us is using these great guidelines to reach the summit of Yoga. What stops us is lack of preparation, understanding, acclimatization, practice, and perseverance. 

Trekking is an amazing activity to be in yoga. Trekking demands one to be in nature and be very light on possessions in person and in mind. While trekking, the body and mind are in alignment and focus is on the journey towards the goal. When the effort put in on trekking generates the necessary work/heat (Tapasya) and nature surrounds and cools (Isvara pranidhana) the body and mind the person as a whole is in union with nature (Yoga). Trekking Yoga.